A trek to Mullayangiri: An enjoyable adventure with nature
Chikamanglur is one of the most popular hill stations in Karnataka. It’s a nature lover’s paradise with so many small, big peaks with luscious greenery covering every inch of land. The concrete jungle has not yet encroached on this amazing green hub. During the monsoon, your fill several small to medium-sized waterfalls along the way. Every day there is a large footfall to check out the scenic beauty of this plantation in a city. Many want to check out the highest peak in Karnataka, which happens to be the Mullyangiri reaching an altitude of 1950 meters. Visitors can find this peak while traveling from Baba Budangiri and Chikmagalur.

Location of the Mullayangiri peak
Mullayangiri peak happens to be part of the Bababudangiri Range situated in the Western Ghats found in Chikmagalur District of Karnataka. Visitors are warned that at the peak of Mullayangiri, they will have zero connectivity and not be able to make or receive calls. At the very top, you will find a small temple that frequent visitors who trek to this peak. The temple hosts the statute of Tapasvi Mullapa Swamy. The story goes on to tell that Mullapa happened to mediate atop this peak for several years hence the name. Another folklore is that forests were called Mullai is hence known as Mullayangiri.

The best time to climb
Springtime has the most number of visitors, and you can almost meet a crowd every day making its way up the mountain. This region experiences heavy rainfall, making it impossible to see ahead, and the way also becomes very slippery. Summer is quite humid and makes the climb exhausting, while winters are extremely cold and foggy. Avoiding the monsoons, which most people do and picking months from September to February is ideal for planning a trek and enjoying the beautiful Mullayangiri peak.