Sringeri: A Sacred Land of Hindus
It is undoubtedly true that the south of Idia is endowed with an overwhelming number of holy sites. And Sringeri is one of the sacred places among them. A true beauty filled with the scent of wisdom and purity. The history of Sringeri is so divine that people visiting this place doesn’t want to return to their home.

The aura this place holds is so uplifting, enough to throw out every negative energy from the mind and the body. Well, this is a great opportunity to learn more about divinity if you are anywhere near Chickmagalur district located in the western ghats of Karnataka. So sit back and explore the sacredness of Sringeri with us.

About Sringeri Shardamba Temple:
Shringeri Sharda Peetham is one of the four Matha established by Shri Adi Shankaracharya. The place worships a Hindu deity ‘Saraswati’ or ‘Sharda Ma’ the goddess of knowledge, Wisdom, and Art. Initially, the temple held an Idol of Shardamba carved from sandalwood put up above the Shri Chakra cut from the huge stone by Shankaracharya himself.
However, the Golden Idol of the deity we see today was installed by Shri Madhvacharya who also built this beautiful temple in the Keralan architecture with a wooden and tiled roof.
Subsequently, many gurus came and built or upgraded the temple in one way or another. Some erected the current stone construction surrounding the sanctuary while others Sculpted idols and statues. These figures are mainly built-in craftsmanship followed in Tamil Nadu. The Gopuram of Temple was recently finished in 2014.
If you are visiting this holy place with your toddler, we suggest you follow through with a ritual of aksharabhyasham. It is a religious rite held to initiate a toddler into schooling. South Indians have a great deal of popularity for Sringeri Aksharabhyasham.

Nearby Points of Tourist Interest
There are an array of place and a Temple you definitely want to visit if you are visiting Sringeri. Apart from ‘Shardamaba Temple’ there are yet so many temples with enchanted vibes. So do not forget to go through this list before planning your trip.

1. Parshwanath Basadi
The presence of a wonderfully crafted Jain temple alongside a Hindu temple may surprise you. This Digambar Swamy temple resided in the center of Sringeri. The other surprising fact about this temple is, it was in 1150 AD. The idol of Parshwanath swamy is so mesmerizing and unique which makes the temple even more attractive. 7 hoods of snakes in the form of shade above the idol’s head is the peculiarity of the temple. The statue of Brahma and Saraswati with Jain deities is a real example of Unity in diversity.

3. Rishyashringeshwara Temple

If you love the vibes of the river and its serenity Rishyasgringeshwara Temple should be at the Top of your List. The peaceful flowing of the river and the aroma of wet soil with a hint of a spiritual positive aura is definitely not the place to miss. 9 km away from Sringeri Temple, Kigga a small town. On the shores of the Nandi River, this Temple lies.

2. Sri Vidyashankara Temple
The engraving in the temple is a significant piece of evidence indicating the temple was constructed by Vijayanagar monarchs. Shiva linga along with other diety like Ganpati and Durga are revered at the temple. But you know what is the important aspect of this temple? On the east side of the shrine, there is a porch made with 12 columns. Which is referred to as ‘Rashi Stambha’ as all of our Zodiac Signs are engraved upon them. It is suspected to show some astronomical ideologies. A large-scale celebration of Rathotasava is held in Kartika month of the Hindu mythological calendar. This seven-day festival consists of several grand artis & pujas, bhajans, and many such things.